Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning services

Shuffle carpets

The ultra-modern shaking machine removes all the sand and dust that have penetrated the pile


All the carpets before washing are passed through the special shaving machine, which removes the dust and all the surface dirt from them. The carpets are now ready to go to the next cleaning stage.

Washing carpets

Carpets are washed in special facilities with water 15°-20°C and anti-allergy ecological detergents


The washing of each carpet is done with absolute respect for its particularity and under the most ideal conditions. We have state-of-the-art machines that have specialized carpet wash programs depending on the type and sensitivity of each.

In a short time from the date of receipt, your carpets are washed in specially formulated areas with the most appropriate method (wet or dry cleaning according to their quality) and neutral anti-allergy detergents that respect your precious carpets and the environment.

This absolutely controlled process ensures deep antimicrobial cleansing, complete killing of the dangerous mite microorganism responsible for many allergies and multiplying it on dirty carpets, while protecting your carpet fibers and colors. We undertake the cleaning of all types of carpets and according to their type and sensitivity we apply the appropriate method.

Rinsing - Ripping of carpets

Carpets are drained in large centrifugal machines


The rinsing mode is just as careful and detailed as the large amount of water we use removes the last trace of dust. Finally, the special centrifuge: a spinning machine expels all the water without delay, leaving only a little moisture and thus excluding the possibility of smearing any carpet. In this way, the friction of the carpet becomes white without wear.

Drying of carpets

Carpets are spread separately in special hangers, in covered areas


Your sensitive carpets dry away from the dangerous rays of the sun, keeping their colors unchanged and alive. At the same time, they stay in our dryers for as long as they are needed so they are completely dry when packed.

Packaging & quality control

The carpets are packed in a special ultra-modern packaging machine


A quality check is carried out on the special packaging machine so that any defects in the cleaning of your carpet can be detected and corrected in time.

Then, with the proper treatment, remove any unnecessary fluff and your carpet is packed with special aerosolated carpet care bags, once the dimensions of the carpet have been measured electronically.

Free Safekeeping

Store your carpets in safe and healthy places on special shelves away from moisture


Storage of your carpets takes place in safe and healthy spaces in our new ultra-modern building (2010 built) with special shelves away from humidity and any other risk. Classification of carpets on the shelves is based on their weight and sensitivity, so that they keep their form throughout their shelf life. Finally, the census is done through a computer (barcode scanning), enabling us to know at any time their precise location and dimensions.

Carpet Clean Tsaknakis

Watch the video on how we work and how to clean the carpets.

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