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Useful tips

Useful tips for cleaning and storing your carpets

Useful tips for cleaning and storing your carpets
  • Always shave your carpets from the back.
  • Clean the floor under the carpet.
  • Wipe your carpet at least once a week with an electric vacuum cleaner, always in the direction of the pile. Insist on the signs under furniture because these are the points that are preferred by the moths and other insects
  • The power of your vacuum cleaner does not exceed 670 watts.
  • Never push your broom foot on your carpets, but much more on silk or mixed rugs.
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner on the fences because they are worn.
  • Use Safe Methods for any kind of carpet, but also delicate handmade wool or silk carpet, with specially designed cleansing materials that leave no cleansing residue, ideal fungi food, allergens that can dry quickly in natural conditions, enriching colors, without spills, jellyfish, yellow flowers.
  • When cleaning a stain, always start cleaning from the edges to the center of the stain to avoid the risk of spreading to a larger surface of your carpet. Never spray and rub the stain on the carpet because it will dissolve the stain and penetrate into your carpet fibers.
  • Be careful of detergents used for your carpets. There are special carpet shampoos. Never use bleach on fringe. o Pay great attention to moisture (eg, not pots that may touch the carpet). It is an important factor in the deterioration of the pile.
  • On very bright days, you have your curtains closed to protect the color of your carpets from the ultraviolet rays.
  • Make sure to change the position of your carpets by rotating them (at least once a year) so that their color is not distorted by the locking of the furniture in the same places.
  • Silk carpets need special treatment in their cleaning and in general in their care.
  • You prefer to spread your carpets in a horizontal position. Do not hang them in rope or balcony rails to dry and never in the sun's UV rays.
  • Put your carpets in a micro-per-box or in a cloth bag for their storage.
  • Keeping them "lying down" and not standing up to be the best they deserve.
  • Their storage must not be in a place with humidity.
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