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FREE Pickup & Delivery

FREE Pickup & Delivery

Receiving & amp; Carpet delivery is done with our own fleet of vehicles

With a simple phone call or online form from our site, the day and time of picking up your carpets is planned from your area, by qualified staff and a privately owned fleet of vehicles. When picking up the carpets, your specialist garage suggests the appropriate way of cleaning them and notes in detail any observations you may have about any stains or spots that need to be repaired. For the sake of time economy it is preferable for carpets to be a rolled roll.


The delivery of the carpets can be done either directly or after storage, according to your wishes. Our state-of-the-art machinery gives us the opportunity to deliver your carpet clean and dry all year round even on the same day if need be. If you are in the safe house or you are completing the online form, we will bring the carpets to your place by phone appointment.

Co-funded by the EU & GreeceCo-funded by the EU & Greece Co-funded by the EU & GreeceCo-funded by the EU & Greece