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Environmental protection

Environmental protection / eco-friendly sevices

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning

Waste pocessing equipment

At Carpet Clean Tskanakis, we always keep an eye on the quality of the materials we use and we always choose environmentally friendly products such as carpet cleaners, humans and pets.

In April 2011, our company has acquired the latest technology of organic cleaning (manufactured by KARKANIAS ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY SA) and now purifies, recycles and reuses the waters we use, thus achieving zero environmental impact.

Eco-friendly detergents


Our many years of experience in carpet cleaning has shown us that we can achieve an excellent result. There is no need to use hard detergents to achieve a perfect result.

Many detergents will use high pH detergents because they are supposed to achieve a spotless carpet with less effort and in less time but this is not what you and your carpet need. Why cleanliness does not and must not be at the expense of hygiene and environmental protection.

Fleet tracking system

Fleet tracking system installed on our vans

All of the company’s trucks are equipped with a fleet tracking system, which assists on efficient vehicle routing and thus saves fuel and miznimizes pollution in the city center where our vans move.

Co-funded by the EU & GreeceCo-funded by the EU & Greece Co-funded by the EU & GreeceCo-funded by the EU & Greece