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Business to Business services

Our company, following the expansion it made in 2010 in laundry and building equipment, can now serve any professional who needs a reputable partner for the cleaning of his items. Indicatively, we mention some of the services we can provide. Contact us if you are a professional to offer you an offer to clean your items.

Restaurnts/Dining areas


Cleaning and decontamination of linen (tablecloths, covers, etc.) from restaurants, taverns, entertainment centers, etc.

Beauty Centers

Beauty Centers

Cleaning and decontamination of laundry (aprons, towels, etc.) from hairdressers, beauty centers, gyms, etc.



Cleansing and decontamination of bed linen.

Do you want us to pickup your laundry?

Please use the form below to book an appointment with us. We'll have a phone call to finalize your appointment for pickup.

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